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ホーム > お知らせ・イベント > 国分寺|インターナショナルキンダーガ...

国分寺|インターナショナルキンダーガーデン|Smoking Bubbles and Textures

Stars Elementary Starsバイリンガルキッズ紹介 お知らせ お預かり保育 イベント モーニングキンダーガーデン モーニングプリスクール 未分類 英会話クラス

Senses: Smoking Bubbles and Textures

After learning about the plant life last month, we now move on to a different aspect of science. This time it’s all about senses. For the first part of the experiment, we introduce the kids about the Five Senses–sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

After a short introduction about the five senses we started learning about the sense of touch. For the first part we learned about hot and cold through an experiment called smoking bubbles.

For this experiment, we used dry ice, dishwashing liquid and water to create a cloud of bubbles. The kids were having fun seeing how the gas formed from a chemical reaction between dry ice and water are trapped inside the bubbles. Everyone was also curious to know how does it feel touching the bubbles. One said, “It’s cold!”

Meanwhile, for the second part of our science adventure we studied about different kinds of texture using simple materials that can easily be found at home such as azuki seeds, stuffed toy, surface of a smart phone, wallnuts, wet tissue, flour, ketchup, and oil. These items were meant to represent the following textures accordingly: hard, soft, smooth, rough, wet, dry, sticky and oily or greasy. Again the kids were really having fun as they discover different kinds of feelings through textures aside from knowing hot and cold.

Towards the end of these two science adventures, the kids were made to record what they observed on their journal. I am happy to announce that the kids are once again, looking forward to our next science adventure. I wonder what it is going to be next time.




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