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ホーム » お知らせ・イベント » Kokubunji International Preschool ...
ホーム » お知らせ・イベント » Kokubunji International Preschool ...

Kokubunji International Preschool ” Weekly Preschool Life “

Stars Elementary Starsバイリンガルキッズ紹介 お知らせ お預かり保育 イベント モーニングキンダーガーデン モーニングプリスクール 未分類 英会話クラス

Playing in the Sandbox, January Craft, and Story Time from Kokubunji Preschool
This week, we went in the backyard of our school and played in the sandbox. We have all kinds of toys such as, plastic molds to shape the sand into animals, buckets to hold and also make blocks for sand castles, shovels to pour in the buckets or dig holes, and toy trucks we can move around on top of the sand. There was some wet sand, which was perfect for molding into domes and blocks. ️

During the week, we made our January craft, which was a penguin in the shape of our handprints. Our teachers helped us trace an outline of one of our hands on black construction paper, and then we turned the paper downward, placing two eyes and a beak near the palm of the hand. Then, we glued on the white bellies. They look so cute, and we had a lot of fun making our penguins. ✋️❄️

Lastly, one of our daily routines is, our teacher will read one of the many books we have for story time. We have books about the alphabet, books about animals enjoying the winter, books about children going shopping or what they do at preschool, and books for specific holidays like Halloween or Christmas. Before our teacher reads the story, he or she says, “When we want a story, we say,” and then we answer, “Read a story, please.” Then, once the story is over, we say, “Thank you for reading a story,” and we give our teacher a hug. We love hearing different stories. ️❄️

We had a lot of fun this week. What will we do next week? Tune in to find out!

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入会申し込み 無料体験