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ホーム » お知らせ・イベント » Kokubunji International Preschool “Va...
ホーム » お知らせ・イベント » Kokubunji International Preschool “Va...

Kokubunji International Preschool “Valentine’s Day, and Graduation Practice”

Stars Elementary Starsバイリンガルキッズ紹介 お知らせ お預かり保育 イベント モーニングキンダーガーデン モーニングプリスクール 未分類 英会話クラス

Spring is Coming, Valentine’s Day, and Graduation Practice


When the weather starts to get warm, it can only mean one thing…spring is coming! We either walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air and see the beautiful flowers blooming, or we go to the park. We love to ride the rocking doggie, slide down the slides, crawl through the tunnel, and climb up the ladders. There were a couple of beautiful days this week, and we can’t wait to go to the park more often!


For our February craft, we made Valentine’s Day cards, which read, “I love you to pieces,” with a big heart in the middle. We pasted red, pink, and purple construction paper pieces all over the heart, and then the teachers glued the craft onto either red, pink, or purple construction paper, creating colorful backgrounds. Many of us love the color pink, so we used a lot of it to cover our hearts. ❤️


Lastly, we have been hard at work, practicing for graduation day. Earlier in the week, we went downstairs for a full practice with the kindergartners. Then, throughout the week, we practice the whole program by ourselves. We practice sitting well and quietly, but when it is our turn, we sing our songs loudly, doing the hand motions with it, and say our speeches before getting our diplomas. We say our name, age, and the color we like. Most of us like pink, but we also like blue, orange, red, and green. Graduation Day will be here before we know it, but we’ll be ready! ❤️


We had a lot of fun this week. What will we do next week? Tune in to find out! ✌️


★Stars&Stripes Englishでは英語を学びたいお子様のために無料体験実施中です。

★府中四谷のインターナショナルスクール・Tama River校オープン。






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入会申し込み 無料体験